So, earlier this week I wrote a weblog ( relating to @XRP_Productions’ Satire Blogs on Coil –

David Schwartz responding on considered one of his tweets was completely within the high of his most favourite moments, however just one day later, there’s something else that may be added to this record: His weblog talked about on a crypto web sites:

One among his blogs was all about Bearableguy 123 with the title:

XRP Neighborhood ENRAGED That Bearableguy Clues Finally Result in Ovaltine Commercial

The weblog, all about Bearableguy 123, confirmed Ovaltine because the masterbrain behind the riddle bear; being an commercial stunt:


The story:

Eagerly following his clues and devoting 1000’s of hours to deciphering his messages over the previous two years, the XRP neighborhood collectively screamed in rage Wednesday when the ultimate Bearableguy123 decoded riddle resulted within the sentence, “Make sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

“Two years I have been following that asshole’s treasure map, so-to-speak,” stated one other aggrieved neighborhood member, Reddit consumer ‘TenThousandDollarXRP’, “Hoping it could result in a mind-blowing fact in regards to the international monetary system, XRP being the world reserve forex, ANYTHING like that. And what do I get? OVALTINE?! Up yours, Bearableguy!!”

The vitamin-laced chocolate drink powder firm apologized for the two-year charade, explaining that they by no means meant to trigger anybody any emotional stress.

“It was a cartoon bear in a jester’s hat,” stated an Ovaltine consultant, “We did not anticipate anybody to ever take it critically.”

Fairly good article, BUT the XRPCommunity knew what time it was …

Then, immediately, though the article was shared on December 24th, at the moment, December 29th got here with the next article:

The article writes in regards to the XRPCommunity that had been taken for a journey.

The article reads that the XRPCommunity tried to seek out the identification of the lovable little bear, however that Ovaltine isn’t the right reply to their quest.

The author was NOT certain if this is able to do something to the XRP Value …

I’ve reached out to XRP the Customary Productions:, shared with him the story and requested for some suggestions:

So, XRP the Customary Productions, what about this text… what’s your response?

XRP the Customary Productions:
It’s completely hilarious. Ever heard of a army or authorities giving a message to a choose group to seek out out which one is the mole? That is related. My satirical articles will expose who’re the morons within the crypto-press who do no analysis in any respect. That is the equal of a political reporter sharing an Onion article. Hello-lar-i-ous.

How are you going to high this one?

XRP the Customary Productions:
I’m targeted on writing humorous items of satire, some which make a powerful level. I’m not attempting to ‘high’ something… however mark my phrases: there will probably be different moments the place my items are picked up by individuals who do no due diligence.

I reached out to the author of the article, however he has not responded to share his aspect of the story…

Vital lesson learnt: ALWAYS, I write ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

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