It seems like the issue could also be that the brand new pockets derived a unique sort of handle out of your personal key.

Regular pockets perform will current you with a brand new handle every time you obtain cash. Every of these addresses can have an related personal key, that must be used to spend the funds. Be aware that the identical personal key isn’t used to derive a number of addresses in a pockets, there’s a 1:1 relationship for personal keys and addresses.

So while you need to import that personal key to a brand new pockets, you must be sure the brand new pockets derives the right handle from it (ie, the identical one your unique pockets did, while you initially obtained the cost), in any other case the brand new pockets is exhibiting a unique handle then it is not going to present your funds, since it’s wanting within the flawed place.

This question has a bit of information about completely different handle varieties.

As a primary step, evaluate the primary characters of the handle that holds the funds, and the handle that the brand new pockets generated. If they don’t seem to be the identical (eg the unique is 3... and the brand new pockets is bc1...), then you’ll need to both instruct the brand new pockets to generate the right sort of handle, or if this isn’t potential, you’ll need to discover a completely different pockets that’s able to doing so.

Be aware: in case your bitcoin-core pockets is absolutely synced, you’ll be able to run the command bitcoin-cli listunspent, to get an inventory of UTXOs that the pockets is maintaining monitor of. You may look by way of the listing to verify the stability of particular addresses utilizing this command, to make sure you are trying to export the right personal key.

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