GokuMarket welcomes the global PCPi Community for trading with BTC, e-commerce shopping, and to earn staking rewards! πŸ’°

September 1st, 2020 β€” after several months of preparations by the preCharge team, we are today proud to invite their entire community and the strategic partnership listing and launch of the PCPi token for multiple utilities on GokuMarket β€” one marketplace for the blockchain economy.

preCharge Giveaway 🧧 x FREE Debit Card πŸ’³

and the PCPi token is a digital currency with a focus on making the user experience easy, safe, simple, secure, and β€œA Better Way To Pay.” To celebrate the PCPi launch and migration of its entire community to GokuMarket, all the preChargers are invited for a giveaway challenge with a chance to !

πŸ“£ preCharge (PCPi) πŸ”₯ x GokuMarket βœ…

GokuMarket is a wallet, marketplace, and exchange β€” all in one β€” and focused on providing real-world use cases to stimulate cryptocurrencies like preCharge (PCPi) as a utility in the mainstream economy. preCharge is available for trading against Bitcoin, Staking and E-commerce as of the launch with more to come.

HODL PCPi πŸ’ͺ & Earn Staking Rewards πŸ†

What are the PCPi utilities on GokuMarket?

πŸ‘‰ PCPi Web & Mobile Wallet 🏦

All PCPi HODLer can now buy, send a store PCPi token in the GokuMarket multi-currency wallet under multiple layer security authentication processes in place. GokuMarket has a user-friendly digital wallet for both web and mobile and applications. The PCPi wallet is simple to use β€” try it!

πŸ‘‰ Live PCPi Crypto Trading πŸ“ˆ

PCPi is available for crypto to crypto exchange trading against the Bitcoin (BTC) trading pair market (). We welcome both experienced traders and new PCPi fans. Enjoy trading anytime β€” anywhere β€” from the GokuMarket and app or the .

πŸ‘‰ Staking PCPi & Earn Rewards πŸ’°

Staking is a mechanism that rewards users for holding a particular amount of a token or coin for a given time period. Buy PCPi and activate the to earn 9–11% variable annual rewards directly deposited in your wallet on a monthly basis. You get to choose the duration ranging from 3–12 months.

πŸ‘‰ Buying Decentralized E-commerce Products with PCPi πŸ›οΈ

GokuMarket directly connects users and vendors, who offer their products and services on the Decentralized marketplace. During the coming weeks and months the preCharge team will be adding 100s of products and gift cards for sale using PCPi at great prices for the community to enjoy.

Welcome preCharge (PCPi) Community πŸ’œ

To get started, first complete your KYC and enjoy the $5 reward (10 GMC) to be used as a utility on GokuMarket with a 20–50% discount on transaction fees. Then take part of your PCPi tokens and deposit into staking for a shorter or longer duration to earn handsome rewards. GokuMarket distributes the PCPi rewards to user wallets directly every month. Also have a look at the revised and stay tuned for more marketing efforts and initiatives in the plans by the preCharge team.

Keep up with the latest news and trends in crypto and upcoming crypto utility announcements on GokuMarket by following us on , , , and . Along with staking, we have many interesting real-world utility opportunities on GokuMarket to explore, you can sign up for a GokuMarket account and download the or apps to start your journey now!

Happy PCPi Trading! πŸ“ˆ

Sincerely yours,
The GokuMarket Team πŸ’œ

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