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17:41 <fireduck> jasan: I do not perceive the query.  Within the bug you pointed it to, evidently ghash obtained block X, and was within the processing of sending it for validation.  Then the bug poster obtained block X+1 based mostly on that
17:42 <fireduck> however bitcoind hadn't processed/validated block X but, so it rejected X+1
17:42 <fireduck> that is what I might count on.  The mining pool software program ought to have waited and retried just a few occasions.
17:42 <fireduck> The coinbase deal with has nothing to do with this
17:42 <jasan> fireduck: Thanks for desirous about it. Sure, my query is barely off-topic from that concern itself.
17:42 <-- melande1 (~melande@gateway/tor-sasl/melande) has give up (Distant host closed the connection)
17:42 <fireduck> aside from every block has one (or extra)
17:43 <fireduck> ah, I feel i perceive your query
17:43 --> melande1 (~melande@gateway/tor-sasl/melande) has joined #bitcoin
17:43 <fireduck> Shall we say you could possibly observe all stratum calls and all work submits for all mining swimming pools in existence ( a tall order)
17:44 <fireduck> would that show you how to remedy blocks quicker?
17:44 <jasan> Sure. Properly rephrased.
17:44 <fireduck> (ensuring I perceive the query)
17:44 <fireduck> cool.  That may not assist in any respect.
17:44 <jasan> OK. Thanks.
17:44 <fireduck> Every of these mining swimming pools is utilizing a differnet coinbase with completely different addresses, values, nonces, and so forth
17:45 <fireduck> So realizing the state of all that will not show you how to discover a resolution to your deal with
17:45 <jasan> Initially I believed the difficulty writer is suggesting in any other case, however then I even re-read the difficulty and realized it says one thing else.
17:45 <fireduck> obtained it.  The difficulty is just a little exhausting to parse.
17:46 <jasan> fireduck: Thanks! I actually recognize your reply!
17:46 <fireduck> no downside.  I've written mining pool software program so this within the space I've labored in

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