It’s tough to reply this query as I do not know what your present skillset is. You have to some fundamental command line and Git expertise and you will want a GitHub account. I’ll assume these as conditions for the sake of brevity.

(There’s a nice free introduction from Tracy Osborn to command line here. There’s a free Codeacademy course on Git here.)

I’ll take an instance PR from the Bitcoin Core GUI repo (PR 86) which was opened by hebasto, a Bitcoin Core contributor, including a Tor icon to the GUI. On the time of writing (September 2020) it’s open however it is going to hopefully be merged within the close to future. As soon as it’s merged hebasto could delete this department (200902-tor) however this instance will likely be illustrative regardless. You must find and construct the department that the PR writer has been engaged on.

To construct hebasto’s PR department (200902-tor) you’ll be able to click on on it after which you’ll be on hebasto’s fork of the Bitcoin Core GUI repo. You have to to clone hebasto’s fork. You do that by clicking the inexperienced Code button after which clicking on the hyperlink it is advisable to clone. On this case it’s

hebasto fork of Bitcoin Core GUI repo

After you have the hyperlink it is advisable to clone go to your Terminal and use the git clone command. On this instance it will likely be:

 git clone 

Earlier than you clone it you’ll be able to select the place to clone it. Utilizing mkdir and cd instructions you may make a brand new listing and alter to that listing earlier than you run the git clone command.

After you have efficiently cloned hebasto’s fork you’ll be able to checkout hebasto’s PR department (200902-tor) utilizing:

git checkout 200902-tor

Now you’re able to comply with the Bitcoin Core construct directions to your working system e.g. (MacOS, Unix, Windows and so forth)

If you’re constructing the GUI bear in mind to make use of the --with-gui flag while you ./configure

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