When confronted by the customs officers within the west of the Alpine Republic, the household claimed that they’d solely picked up 4,000 euros ($4,754.20) in Liechtenstein and had been now heading for Zurich however the customs officers doubted their story and selected to look the household.

Through the search, customs officers discovered 707 silver bars weighing 662 kilograms within the trunk of the household’s automobile. The customs officers additionally discovered 74 bars of gold weighing a complete of three.25 kilograms whereas inspecting the daughter’s bag.

In Austria, items value greater than 10,000 euros ($11,881) should be reported to customs, and so with items value 700,000 euros, the Czech household needed to pay an enormous superb.

Had a sense this was the case. They had been not charged for merely touring with treasured metals. They had been caught improperly reporting the (money) quantity of treasured metals to customs, and had been subsequently charged & fined. Hell, if I offered $830okay in crypto and reported $4.7k in capital positive aspects on an official tax doc, then I’d be charged for that too.

The household claims they lied to keep away from an import obligation charge. Idk although. They had been on their approach to Zurich with the dear metals… Pink flags are pointing in the direction of cash laundering – I’m positive there’s nonetheless a handful of secretive Swiss banks that will’ve fortunately accepted these metals with out too many questions. The exorbitant import obligation charges are in place to discourage cash laundering makes an attempt like this in any case.

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