Here is a 0.493 sat/vB TXN I placed on mainnet immediately. You may have to make use of the SoChain block explorer to see it although. I give it a 3% probability of getting confirmed, however we’ll wait and see. The TXN is a donation to Addy@Bitnodes since I exploit their seeder for my community herder.

So final month, I voiced the unpopular opinion that node operators ought to decrease the minrelaytxfee setting to permit low-fee TXNs to propagate extra freely all through the community. Then I asked why miners weren’t mining 0.999 sat/vB TXNs throughout idle intervals because it needs to be extra worthwhile than mining no TXNs in any respect. Lastly I wrote a node herder to stroll the community searching for node operators that had been working minrelaytxfee under the default (1000 sat). After strolling about 26% of the community, seems about 5% of nodes are permitting low payment TXNs.

So in that vein of debate, I made a decision to simply signal some low-fee TXNs and ship them to the 5% of nodes I discovered and see what occurs. To my shock it confirmed up on one of many 23 block explorers I attempted after broadcasting it. Surprisingly, that comes out to about 5% of explorers accepting low payment TXNs as nicely. So hopefully 5% or so of the miners will verify low payment TXNs. We’ll see.

BTW, to do that, that is what I did.

  1. Pair my HW pockets to Electrum

  2. Use the paytomany Electrum API to craft a TXN under 1 sat/vB

  3. Import the TXN to register Electrum

  4. Ran a full node with minrelaytxfee set to 1 sat (0.001 sat/vB)

  5. Walked the community to discover a good variety of low-fee friends

  6. Use bitcoin addnode API to herd my node to the low-fee friends I found.

  7. Use bitcoin sendrawtransaction API to broadcast TXN

Wait and see if it may propagate to a miner and if a miner will settle for it.

BTW, there’s a PR to decrease the minrelaytxfee in core, but it surely’s dragged on for years. The setting was lowered about yearly or so within the early days, however hasn’t been touched for a few years now.

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