• If you wish to learn extra in regards to the p2p protocol, take a look at the Bitcoin Developer Guide’s overview of all peer-to-peer messages. Apart from transaction and block relay, it’s used to announce node providers, uncover friends, talk content material preferences, and request particular content material. Solely blocks and transactions are gossiped. Node addresses are shared with connections that ask for them. The remaining messages are only for communication on particular connections. Be aware that different software program could help extra messages not supported by the reference shopper, e.g. to serve UTXO information, or to satisfy service-specific mild shopper requests.
  • FIBRE is a redundant second communication community for relaying newly mined blocks outdoors of the common gossip. It used particularly by miners and huge Bitcoin providers.
  • Mining swimming pools use their very own protocols (getblocktemplate, stratum, stratumv2) to coordinate contributions of their contributors.
  • The LN makes use of an entire separate stack of protocols to announce channels and nodes, handle friends, channels, and facilitate funds.
  • I’m not positive whether or not the next strictly fulfill the definition of “protocols”, however there are numerous coordination processes to facilitate multiparty funds resembling PSBT, statechains, MuSig, JoinMarket, PayJoin, …

Hope that is kind of what you have been on the lookout for, however word that the record just isn’t meant to be exhaustive. Please be at liberty to amend your query to additional slim down what you’re on the lookout for, if I’m off track.

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