May You kindly clarify me please what does it imply when bitcoin withdrawal standing is “intransit“ standing as app exhibits and second bitcoin withdrawal is “underneath assessment” standing on the web site and this standing final 22 days of time now please
thank You

Thank You very a lot for all feedback do appreciated I’m utilizing the coin base and coin jar wallets and the web site known as www dot rcslv dot com the buying and selling platform and three weeks in the past I arrange the bitcoin quantity of 0.2 withdrawal switch to the coin base bitcoin handle and now the buying and selling platform web site is displaying bitcoins withdrawal switch is “underneath assessment” and the buying and selling platform app is displaying switch bitcoin standing “intransit” for 3 week time and I don’t understand how lengthy does it take what i can do with it how am i able to repair it and the customer support service at rcslv dot com doesn’t replay to my emails in any respect which could be very suspicious and anxious and am caught just a little bit and the web site doesn’t exhibits the hash tx handle prefix to verify
thank You very a lot for taking a time and assist
Even when the web site is having a upkeep service work verify and once they completed the bitcoin will likely be switch as standing accomplished or rejected and solely I can do is wait till they find yourself the upkeep work

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