Is Fibre protocol deserved for uncommon non permanent forking? If blocks are propagate that quick, there are much less possibilities for non permanent fork to occur and even when it do, they’re brief (small size)? Miner can quick proceed to work on (what it appears to him) block head of the chain?

Nicely the purpose is {that a} miner can extra rapidly change to a brand new block that has been discovered on the community. The time a miner spends on constructing on high of block A, whereas a block B has already been discovered by another person, may be very probably a waste of cash and power.

Be aware that this isn’t simply within the curiosity of the miner, however of the whole community: a hypothetical 51% attacker just isn’t topic to those losses, as they solely construct on high of their very own blocks. Thus, quicker propagation of blocks on the community signifies that this benefit 51% attackers have over sincere miners is decreased.

Is Fibre protocol deserved why mining issue is just about the identical throughout the community (I assume it is the identical, in any other case it will be problematic, proper)? If issue modifications after 2016 blocks on common and block propagation is quick, everybody can alter their mining issue fairly simple and there wont be a lot distinction contained in the community (a lot of the nodes will updated)?

No, issue just isn’t a perform of time, however of the earlier blocks. So no matter which block a miner is engaged on, they at all times know precisely what the issue of that block must be (as they’ve the block’s ancestors).

Higher block propagation means they’ll change to the subsequent block quicker, together with the issue change that that entails, nonetheless.

PS: Be aware that as of September 2020 the general public FIBRE community is now not operational, and I do not know if any non-public deployments exist.

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