To assemble the script you possibly can use Pieter Wuille’s Miniscript site.

In the event you go to the Coverage to Miniscript compiler part there’s an instance in Coverage for a 2-of-2 multisig that turns right into a 1-of-2 multisig after 90 days.


You would want to regulate it to your desired instance. A Coverage that matches your wants can be:


After getting the Coverage you may copy and paste this into the Coverage to Miniscript compiler part and get the Miniscript equal of this Coverage. The Miniscript output is:


Additional down you may copy and paste this Miniscript in, press Analyze and you’ll get the dimensions of the ensuing Script (78 bytes) in addition to the precise Script:


It’s value noting that this instance assumes you might be extra involved with dropping one specific key (key_2 on this instance) and also you assume will nonetheless have entry to key 1. In case you are simply as more likely to lose both key (key_1 or key_2) you’d desire a totally different script.

I like to recommend you do that on testnet or Signet first the place cash aren’t value something. Alternatively with a small quantity of funds on mainnet you can afford to lose. You do not need to be dropping all of your funds on account of a mistake or a misunderstanding.

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