My understanding is {that a} pockets is not a pockets in any respect*, it does not maintain my cash, however its a key retailer; my cash are after all “saved” as information of the occasions on the blockchain.

Think about I’ve bitcoins with Cloud Pockets Firm (A), however I then setup Pockets Firm (B)’s app. And let’s assume they each use the identical crypto algos to compute the seed from the 12-word restoration key, as per this reply.

Is the “recovery phrase” generated by a wallet app platform independent?

If I login to (B) and select to import/recuperate my pockets and punch within the 12 phrases I bought from (A), would I successfully now have two wallets? i.e. each (A) and (B) are setup with the identical pockets.

The place is my stability saved? After coming into my 12-words into (B) would their servers should “run a question” on the blockchain to mixture all of the transactions and arrive at my stability??

And if I ship from (A) to a buddy’s pockets (Z), would my decreased stability additionally present on (B)? Or would (B) cache my stability to keep away from costly question/compute from the blockchain, and so it could turn into out of sync?


*Perhaps I am flawed however I feel the pockets analogy solely confuses noobs, because it units up a psychological mannequin that is the alternative of the entire level of a blockchain.

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